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How can I help my relative live on their own?

The purpose of this scenario is to discuss some issues that may come up when an individual who has a mental illness and lives alone.

My relative would like to live on his/her own, but I’m not sure that he/she would be able to manage it. I want to make sure he/she finds a safe, decent, and affordable housing. My relative is also accustomed to me doing the grocery shopping, doing the laundry, cooking, and paying the bills.  How will he find transportation to the store and the laundromat on his/her own.  Will my relative be able to prepare his own healthy mealsWhat support is available for my relative?  I don't want them to eat fast food at every meal. I also worry about my relative taking their medication on their own and keeping up with their personal hygiene. The social worker suggested my relative might benefit from the help of an intensive case manager.  In order to have things to do during the day, my relative also might be able to attend a day treatment program. What should I know about these resources? What can we do if my relative has a mental health emergency call 911?